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RICS Surveys

R M C Estates provides RICS Surveys & Valuation Reports

The new detailed RICS Homebuyer Report is available to help prospective purchasers make an informed buying decision. The report is suitable in the following cases:-

  1. Property Purchases – The basic Mortgage valuation is provided on behalf of the lender and the consumer association recommends buyers have a more detailed report. The Homebuyers Report can be provided to supplement the lenders valuation and an independent Chartered Surveyor is best placed to provide this advice. The cost of the Homebuyers Report is a small price to pay in the overall property transaction and could provide an opportunity to renegotiate the price.
  2. Cash Buyers – Solicitors will recommend that these purchasers seek an RICS Report & Valuation.
  3. Probate – Purchasers of these properties are advised to get a Homebuyer Report as in many cases these houses will require some upgrading. Sellers will be advised to get an independent RICS Valuation by their solicitors to avoid any possible disputes although the sellers should only need a basic valuation report.
  4. Matrimonial – A Homebuyers Report should avoid any future conflict arising from the property as the report will provide a detailed assessment of the condition of the house and an independent valuation.

RICS Valuation Reports can also be provided for Investment, Taxation & Insurance purposes.

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